Use A Scientifically Tested

Use A Scientifically

Price Action Trading Strategy

Tested Price Action

Price Action Trading

Trading Strategy

In The Forex, Stock, & Commodities Markets

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If you’ve tried endless trading ‘systems’ without much luck then this probably won’t work for you either...

I am not going to sugarcoat this or try and sell you on our special system.
It is scientifically tested and it works, however success is still not guaranteed.
Most traders who try this fail. Why? Because it requires consistency.

To get the same result as the countless research papers published by data scientists (in peer reviewed journals), you need to execute the strategy with the same consistency they did.

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Important to know

Don’t just jump into this method of trading. Carefully think about whether or not it is for you.
If you want to check it out and see what it takes, I have put together a video series and some PDFs.

Your New Trading Strategy

This trading strategy relies on a layered approach. Each step in the approach has been scientifically tested. The results were all published in peer reviewed journals. Here, with all the dogmatism of brevity, are the four steps.
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The phase
Using a scientifically verified governing pattern, it is possible to determine the direction the market is going to go in the next 12 months. This will determine which of the five phases the market is in right now.
The pattern
Once you’ve identified the phase of the market, you need to locate a historical precedent – also known as a pattern – within the phase. You can even combine a number of patterns on one chart.
The insurance bar
Once you have the governing pattern, and the intermediate pattern, you need to look for an insurance bar. This will tell you exactly where to enter the trade.
The resting order
Now that you have the patterns and the insurance bar, you will place a resting order (also known as a pending order). This will let the market enter you into the trade when it’s good and ready.

Here are three of the latest case studies

To see more go to the case studies page here

How you can execute trades like this

If you're interested in executing trades like this that generate massive amounts of cash, then listen up. This is not your average trading strategy. It comes straight out of Wall Street. These trades take place over days, weeks, and sometimes months. I do not day trade. People who claim they can make money by getting in and out of the market in a single day are lying, or they are totally misinformed. This style of trading needs you to wait, be patient, and most importantly be consistent. You can start by attending my free training here.

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