$0 to $100k account (case study & coaching)

Mark Shawzin
October 27, 2022


An email hits my inbox.

A review from one of my students.

When I saw the review, I was blown away.

It was Prashant.

A student I had been working with for a few years.

He saw a video of me in 2016. He followed my trades and joined all my live sessions for a few years.

Then, in 2020 he started trading independently.

By 2021 he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his account and started trading other people’s money for profit.

He actually came on vacation to Florida, which he paid for using the profits he earned.

We met up for a coffee and I took a video with him.

If you want to check it out here's the video:

You can watch it by clicking on this link.

His story is one I’ve seen hundreds of times.

He had been trading for over 10 years.

And no matter what he tried, he just couldn't make money in the markets.

He began to think that nobody could.

As luck would have it, he stumbled upon one of my videos in 2015/2016.

Right off the bat, he knew he had found something.

I wasn't just another "guru" who couldn't trade his way out of a wet paper bag.

That's when he decided to make a commitment.

A pledge to himself that he was going to learn how to trade the right way.

No more jumping from guru to guru looking for the next best thing.

He had found it.

The rest was in his hands.

Following the plan and strategy, I laid out he transformed his life not only for himself...

But for his family.

Here's why I'm telling you this:

Over the last few months, we’ve brought on a team of coaches to help our new Elite members.

Folks just like Prashant who've been through the ins and outs.

They are all Elite members who’ve achieved success from joining our program, and now want to pass on what they’ve learned.

If you’re brand new?

They’ll help you set up your brokerage account…

They’ll help you execute your first trades.

They’ll check in with you to make sure you never get lost in the weeds.

Because they’ve been through it all themselves.

They’ve faced all the challenges that you are going through.

And found their way out and through.


If you want to shortcut your learning curve by YEARS...

And have a kindred spirit guide you through every step of the process so you smash through each barrier with ease?

Whether you’re a rank beginner…

Or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for the next edge?

We’ve designed the Elite community to be the fastest way to get confident, consistent, and profitable.

Got a seat with your name on it as we head into June.

Would you like to join us?

Just shoot an email over to my assistant Frankie at MarkShawzinTPT@gmail.com with the subject line “BEGIN APPLICATION” …

And he’ll let you know the next steps. :-)

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend you have at least 5-10k to start with before you apply.In your corner,

Mark Shawzin