I’m Super Bullish on These 4 Trades

Mark Shawzin
September 8, 2021

Thanks to the Monday September 6 Labor Day holiday, the US stock markets were closed that day. I hope everyone in the USA had a Happy Labor Day weekend.

So keeping in mind there are only four trading days this week, this report is covering the key trades I feel are likely put on some big moves very shortly – ideally this week or next.

First up, I like the looks of JD (JD.com) which is China’s second-largest e-commerce company after Alibaba.

I’m looking at this chart both for what it’s doing now, as well as what it’s not doing now.

This is one of the Chinese stocks that came under pressure as a consequence of Chinese policies towards education, stocks and Internet stocks. JD plummeted.

However, it looks like there’s an emerging turnaround in the works.

That’s despite the bearish head and shoulders in place. JD crashed to the neckline, and the stock did go lower. But since then, it’s peeked above the neckline, which suggests the head and shoulders is no longer the governing pattern.

If this bearish pattern is ‘busted’, then what refuses to go down must instead go up.

In fact, we now have an opposing bullish price pattern emerging:

After the stock crashed from $80 all the way to $60, it’s recovered most of that drop.

There’s a double bottom in place with a shoulder on the left-hand side. We could see a right shoulder forming soon. If so, that would create a bullish inverted head and shoulders -- the double bottom would be the head of that pattern.

There’s a neckline we can use as a reference. And last week JD closed right at that level. Any close above that neckline would confirm the turnaround.

Once confirmed, JD could climb substantially higher in the coming days and weeks.

Next I’ll take a look a the famous EV manufacturer TSLA (Tesla Inc).

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This week I’m specifically looking at:

  • This Chinese e-commerce stock isn't doing what it's supposed to -- now it's a great trade opportunity
  • The new pattern in TSLA that spells huge profits if you get in quickly (starts at 3:48) 
  • What this currency pair has in common with NFLX and why it's a strong buy right now
  • Why I haven't sold my NFLX position yet despite the strong gains already
  • Is gold bullish or bearish? What to watch out for and how to trade it going forward (begins at 9:32)
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