I’ve waited for this trade all year (details inside)

Mark Shawzin
October 21, 2022

I've waited all year for this trade.

TSLA just broke down major support.

This is it.

The stock is going to tank.

It's not a question of IF but WHEN.

Take a look at this screenshot from my latest live Boiler Room session:

That line drooping all the way down is where I see it going VERY soon.

If you don't know how to short a stock, now is the time to learn.

This is going to be big.

Real big.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this could be the trade that makes our entire year.

I want to keep this email short and sweet because I want you to get the message:

Me and my Elite group are moving on this trade.

I'll be providing them with my exact moves from start to finish.

Just like I always do.

So here are your two to-dos after reading this email.

  1. Go and watch the YouTube video where I give you my exact thoughts on this thing:


  2. If you'd like to be part of this monster trade with me and my team coaching you all the way through... there's only one way to do that… 

And that's by joining the Elite program.

There's an application process to make sure you're a good fit for the community we've built.

If we feel like you're a good fit, we'll send you an email with the next steps.

If not, no hard feelings. We only want people in the group who are going to be positive and coachable.

So if that's you... apply here:

Just shoot an email over to my assistant Frankie at MarkShawzinTPT@gmail.com with the subject line “BEGIN APPLICATION” …

And he’ll let you know the next steps. :-)

In your corner,
Mark Shawzin