Open this up for a trading opportunity

Mark Shawzin
October 19, 2022

This market is a bucking bronco.

Prices are all over the place.

We're getting 3-6% moves on the indexes in a DAY.

The only thing we can do at this point is relying on our fundamentals and have some finesse as we navigate the markets.

If we can do that, then we can ALWAYS pull chunks out of the market.

All we need to find are small pockets of opportunity and ride the wave.

Let me drop some gold in this email for you today, on the house.

PYPL is bottoming right now.

Take a look at this screenshot pulled from inside of my live session yesterday:

You either...

A) Know what this means and you can see the opportunity start to form


B) Have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what this means, in which case you need to read this email very closely.

This is a beautiful setup that's about to take off.

The market is a volatile place right now, but there are still plenty of opportunities out there.

Like this one.

But here's why spotting opportunities isn't enough anymore:

You need to know how to navigate and pull the trigger at precisely the right time to manage your risk.

If you don't, you'll get eaten alive.

If you want to learn how to spot these kinds of opportunities, so you can make money no matter which way the market is moving...

I'll show you everything you need to know in a live setting, trading with my own money every single day.

While giving you the keys to my strategy so you can execute on it without my help.

If this interests you then here's what you need to do:

Just shoot an email over to my assistant Frankie at with the subject line “BEGIN APPLICATION” …

And he’ll let you know the next steps. :-)

In your corner,

Mark Shawzin