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The JPY Pairs May Be a Bull Trap! Plus 3 Bullish and 3 Bearish Stocks

Mark Shawzin
July 14, 2021

The NASDAQ stock index is the proxy for the United States tech sector and it’s been making history of a sort.

The index has moved to higher highs eight weeks in a row now.

This is only the 14th time that’s happened since 1985. While there are no signs of a major sell off, the extent of this rally suggests it must be close to hitting some kind of wall.

I don't see any pattern or price action that indicates that reversal is about to happen. However, remember that trees don't grow to the sky. I don't expect the NASDAQ will either.

For comparison, here’s the S&P500:

The S&P500 is trading within the confines of an ascending broadening price pattern (bearish) and isn’t far from a major resistance level. I expect 4,400 to be a formidable resistance barrier.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of retracement back to the lower edge of the pattern.

And now the DJIA (the Dow Jones Industrial Average) which is also traversing within an ascending broadening price pattern.

The DJIA is now at resistance. I anticipate it will retrace back to the lower support line around 32,000.

That’s because unlike the S&P500 and the NASDAQ -- which have powered to all-time new highs -- the DJIA has already flattened out and looks more vulnerable to a decline.

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