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Where the Best NASDAQ Profits Are Right Now -- Plus Good News for JPY and Precious Metals Too

Mark Shawzin
July 7, 2021

The NASDAQ has been unstoppable.

There’s been seven consecutive weekly rises in the NASDAQ. This is a historic event. It’s happened only 17 times since 1985. And while the path of least resistance seems higher, there's now less upside available than before this historic run.

To my mind, the NASDAQ should reach peak resistance somewhere at current levels.

In fact, I'm already seeing a lot of stocks on my radar flashing warning signs of an imminent rollover. So despite the fact the index is rising, many stocks including Tesla, Okta. Quantumscape, Peloton and so on are no longer looking bullish.

If you’ve made some money on this run, perhaps it's time to buy insurance and hedge your bets by selling some call options or buying put options against your position.

This run is getting long in the tooth, especially when interest rates aren’t following as they should.

That’s because when we have a rising economy we should also have rising interest rates. Yet this 10-year bond yield chart shows rates have trended lower from a peak of about 1.75% in April to 1.4% today.

Bond investors are usually the smartest investors and farther ahead of the curve than stock investors. This declining yield suggests the economy is not as strong as the stock market indicates.

So there’s some dislocation between bonds and the S&P and NASDAQ right now. If the economy was humming, we’d likely see rates going higher. Yet we're seeing the opposite.

Bond investors seem to be warning of something the stock investors aren’t seeing.

Next I take a look at the disconnect between individual stocks and the indexes soaring to all-time highs.

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  • Why QS might not be a great short for much longer
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