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The Master Pattern Trader

Weekly live sessions where I’ll analyse the
markets and answer your questions.
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Join Me, Mark Shawzin Live In The Markets Every Single Week

For those traders out there who are struggling to become consistently profitable I would recommend The Master Pattern Trader course. Through emails of trade set ups and webinar sessions, I will teach you to trade - simple. I also answer all questions in the live sessions - ask and you will learn. An excellent program for novice and experienced traders.

The analysis is spot on and the "naked" charts are a revelation for those who normally have screens full of indicators.

What you'll get:

  • 01

    You’ll be invited to a weekly live trading session

    Every single Friday at 11am EST you’ll jump onto a live session with myself. These sessions last between 1-3 hours.
  • 02

    I’ll show you exactly what I’m thinking and tell you where I believe the markets are going to go

    You’ll get a crystal clear view of where I believe the next big opportunity will lie.
  • 03

    I will personally critique your trades

    Are you thinking about entering a trade, but you are hesitant? I will personally look at trades you want to take and tell you what I would do.
  • 04

    Ask me any questions

    Ask about open trades, dealing with psychology, long term profits and why I don't have a dog.. literally anything. I usually stay on these sessions until all the questions have been answered.

How does it work?

When you sign up you’ll receive an email invitation to the next live session, which takes place on Fridays at 11am EST. Of course we would love for you to turn up live, but in case you missed it you can access the recording. Have more questions about this program?


We have hundreds upon hundreds of reviews from traders around the world
The Pattern Trader is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 413 reviews.
I have been taking Mark’s weekly trades and logging into the workshops for the last 3 months. In this short time I feel I have gained more know how than a couple of my fellow colleagues who have been trading for much longer than me; this month alone my account grew by 20%. I like what I have gained from his program and have learnt how to strategically build and add to my position giving me, personally a new edge to the way I trade. I no longer hop in and out of trades with erratic results. I have learnt how to manage my risk to the degree that I feel like I am in control of the situation and not the other way around. I am really happy with my results and have set new goals for the next 3 years and beyond because this methodology is showing me what it is that gives traders the endurance to keep consistently winning; all I am doing is applying what Mark does, by that I do not mean I copy and paste his trades, I just apply the same methodology he does which I feel he shares generously in a way that is valuable, easy to understand and makes sense. Thanks Mark. Deya South Australia
Attorney Roder, CEO
Good sensible analysis of the markets.
Being new to Mark's elite package and his weekly sessions, I really enjoy the amount of detail that he goes into to explain each chart and explains whether he sees any opportunity or to leave it alone. You really feel the 30+ years that he brings to the table. I have signed up to other mentors before, but working with Mark in the short term, has already given me the confidence to place more important trades, including risk management and worry less. This week, his recommendation on Silver has already paid for his monthly fee and more.
Hamish H.
I've been following Mark for the third year. I don't know anyone who could analyze the financial markets easier, clearer and better. He is an amazing person, and he does what he does with his heart. I recommend everyone who is interested to join Mark's program. You can only get. I'm looking forward to you.
Dušan O.

Every single week, for the next year:

  • 01
    You will get an in-depth analysis from me about the markets
  • 02
    You’ll know which currencies, stocks, and commodities I am looking at right now
  • 03
    You’ll know what direction I believe they are going to go
  • 04
    And you’ll get this information before I make any moves in the market

The Master Pattern
Trader $ 1,000 / year

Get rid of the doubt that surrounds trading. Let me help you LIVE every single week for the next 12 months.
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