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The Pattern
Trader Accelerator

Get weekly trade instructions directly to your email.
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Marta Made $15,000 In a Couple Of Months By Opening An Email Once A Week. Are you ready to join her?

Even though this service is as easy as copying the instructions inside of an email, once per week, most people don’t get the same result as Marta.


Because most people don’t stick with it. It is hard to remain consistent.

Investments don’t go up in a straight line. Most online retail traders are looking for the quick fix, the action, the high win rate.

It doesn’t work like that in the real world. It may take months for profits to materialise. You have to ask yourself whether or not you have the patience for it.

However, when they do materialise you can see monster gains in your account.

Scroll down to see a couple of screenshots from my trading account.

$ 350,573.43
in open profits...

$ 186,902.23
in open profits...

These are just two examples. What these images don’t show, is that there were months and months of trades that didn’t go anywhere.

How it works

Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email & video with detailed instructions of EXACTLY what to do – I’ll share the exact trade that you should copy, I’ll show you where enter at precisely the right time and how to schedule your exit for maximum profit. You just have to COPY what I do.

You follow my instructions, which you can do within just 15 minutes from the comfort of your computer – which will all be scheduled to take specific actions at precisely the right time.

Your trades will then work in the background, they’ll be scheduled to enter and exit to maximize profits – you don’t even have to monitor them or stare at complicated graphs.

That's it!
You get an image of the chart with the analysis drawn on so you know exactly WHY I’m entering the trade.
You get the EXACT entry and EXIT points so that you can enter the trade without guesswork... and do it quickly.
You get a brief analytical breakdown. These small digestible chunks of information help you to retain the reason WHY I enter the trade and it teaches you while you make money.

You’ll be able to sit with your feet up on a Sunday, copy the instructions as soon as they hit your inbox and then you’re done.

You can sit back and know that your trades are working in the background for you.

Rinse and repeat every Sunday.

Essentially, you’ll have me choosing your trades, setting them up to maximize profit and all you have to do is copy some simple instructions.

Of course, we won’t always win – sometimes we lose.

But we ensure that we minimize risk by setting up our trades to ensure we never lose more than 1% of our account.

Every single week, for the next year:

  • 01
    You will get weekly trades sent to your inbox.
  • 02
    You’ll get a brief analysis of why I am entering this trade.
  • 03
    You’ll get risk parameters to protect your account.

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Trader Accelerator
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Eliminate the need to think about what trade to take next – I’ll just send you mine every Sunday.
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