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The Pattern Trader Advisory

Get a video breakdown (via email every Sunday) of all the scientifically valid signals in the market for the coming week.
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What if, every Sunday, you received
a special video that revealed everything I believe is going to happen over the next weeks, and months...

In this video report, I highlight trades that have caught my interest, point out the scientific patterns in the market, and tell you what I’ll be doing if something lines up.

It is the quick and easy to have a former Wall Street pro trader in your back pocket. One that uses a scientifically tested trading strategy.

It is called The Pattern Trader Advisory

For 12 months, you will receive a video report every Sunday that shares my detailed market analysis.

You will be able to study this video, see the exact trades that I’m planning on making, and understand what’s hot and what’s not.

You will receive one of these every single week.

This weekly video report is adored by our members, it does all the “thinking” for them and they get to see me analyzing the markets, first-hand.

Here is a screenshot of the comments below a typical weekly video report:

Every single week, for the next year:

  • 01
    You will get an in-depth analysis from me about the markets
  • 02
    You’ll know which currencies, stocks, and commodities I am looking at right now
  • 03
    You’ll know what direction I believe they are going to go
  • 04
    And you’ll get this information before I make any moves in the market

This popular year-long program requires an investment of $ 200 / year

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