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The Scientific Trading Formula

The Science Behind Getting Life Changing Returns
in The Forex, Commodities & Stock Markets
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A Warning

On this page you’ll see some extraordinary claims. You’ll see emails and comments from ordinary people who have made some incredible life changing money. However, their results may not be typical. A scientific strategy requires you to follow the rules with scientific precision.

Most retail investors and traders tend to ‘go with their gut’ or don’t follow the instructions laid out by the research.

Even people who make a conscious decision to trade the markets by following the rules, eventually stop following them.

Trading foreign exchange, stocks, or any other instrument carries risk. Please educate yourself before taking on these risks.

Recently I got this email from Andy. He made £3,800 ($4,874.26 USD) using this scientifically tested strategy

Here’s what Andy did in order to make all this money

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    He assessed the direction of the market using a governing pattern.

    This pattern was based on a research paper by Dr. Friesen, published in 2009, which tested 35,000 trading scenarios.

    They found that after price formed a specific pattern, it will continue in that direction for 100+ days (Friesen et al, 2009).
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    He then entered the trade based on a research paper from 1998.

    Caginalp & Laurent (1998) assessed the predictive power of price patterns. They uncovered a method of entering a trade that generated “significant profits”.

    These research papers may be decades old, but people like Andy are using them to this day.

And Andy is not the only one. Here’s an email I got from a trader called Prashant.

Justin made 12,000GBP (that’s $15,000 USD) in just 30 days using the exact same strategy.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Peer reviewed research has done all the hard work for you

For example, here are some common questions you might ask before investing or entering a trade.
  • Which direction is the market going to go?

    Well, in 2008 a study by Gutierrez and Kelley found that the market can continue in a trend for up to one year after a reversal.
  • How to you spot that reversal?

    In 2000, a research paper by Lo et al scientifically tested and identified 10 reversal patterns.

    In 2009, another research paper, published in the Journal of Finance, revealed an ‘expected price path’ after testing two reversal patterns.
  • Where exactly do you enter the trade when you see one of these reversals?

    A paper was published in the journal of Applied Mathematical Finance.

    The data scientists explored “The predictive power of price patterns” and identified exactly WHEN and WHERE to enter a trade.

    So I’ll repeat myself... there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Peer reviewed research has done all the testing and hard work for you.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover inside this book

  • The study from 1972 that found that technical analysis can “generate an annual net return of 115.8%” in the Forex markets (why it’s controversial and how you can utilize it).
  • Is it scientifically possible to use past prices & information to predict where the market is going to go? I’ll share five old-school studies that made bold predictions and what they mean to your trading style.
  • Strip away the jargon and complications and you’ll see that the “sure fire way” to make massive amounts of cash lies in just two fact and one very specific question (I’ll share what these are).
  • Who is Dr. Scott Irwin and why he went against everything that the academics thought was possible (with a breakdown of his key findings).
  • What 95 academic studies spanning 4 decades said about the profitability of technical analysis.
  • Three scientifically backed up rules in trading that you MUST follow (ignore these and you risk failing before you even started).
  • Why trading on short timeframes is STUPID, emotional and time-consuming, and the exact timeframes that science tells you to focus on to experience the best possible results.
  • Should you be using the news to make trading decisions? (Whether politics, war or world events?) I’ll share what the science says and the comprehensive answer.
  • Why an English statistician that died in 1911 may be most important person to your trading success (and the big lesson that you can directly apply to your trading today to generate better results).
  • The beginners trading mistake that many experienced traders continue to make (and why it will always result in you making terrible decisions).
  • The six scientifically tested chart patterns that you should be hunting down in the charts and how you should use them.
  • What does science say about “The Perfect Entry” and the “paint-by-numbers” approach that you can use to enter markets at precisely the right time.
  • The only timeframe that is scientifically proven to produce profits in the long run – If you hold trades for shorter, or longer than this, you’ll get burned.
  • How to layer scientific patterns for more accurate trades by using a ‘Prevailing Pattern’ and then honing in on a ‘Cut Pattern’ you will find it much easier to pick out winners.
  • The science behind reversal bars and how to spot them. These will guide your entries. We’ll look at how these generate the momentum needed for long term success.
  • The shocking discovery that proved just how much covering up and laziness was involved in one of the biggest academic studies this industry has ever seen (and the shocking reasons behind this).
  • Why 1,350 studies have cited an original study from over two decades ago and the controversial thing that it revealed that could change the way that you trade.
  • What 136 scientific papers cited about a famous 1998 study (including 107 of them from the last decade), and what they said about “Price Pattern”.
  • A detailed breakdown of the five-step trading methodology that I’ve been using for 40 years (that thousands of traders are using to drive results).
Plus much more

The Scientific Trading Formula Book

The Science Behind Getting Life Changing Returns in The Forex, Commodities & Stock Markets.


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